The Swipe Life of Basic NYC Betches

The HillsWorking NYC ladies, where ya at? Tired of watching your LA counterparts continuously have their spending habits take center stage on shows like The Hills and Keeping Up With The Kardashians? We are too. It’s simply not fair. The NYC female working professional has TONS of additional financial obstacles that don’t receive nearly enough attention. NY Mag recently got the vent sesh going by asking women “What's the dumbest thing you waste money on?” But ladies, we know there are more. Here are a few struggles to get the wheels turnin'…

  • Needing to buy $20 Truffle Mac & Cheese from a restaurant that's only a few blocks away–some days you just need what you need.  #EatingYourFeelingsOnTheReg
  • Buying expensive organic shampoo, facial cleansers, and Asian luffas to get you looking glamorous for work every morning.  I mean really, do LA girls know how much it costs to look like this!? #IWokeUpLikeDis
  • Seamless Web. We just can’t. Oh but we can. Avoid a few grocery stores, and keeping swiping $15+ for delivery dinner.  You’re busy, and you earned it.
  • Hanging out with other betches who still have that magical Amex from Dad in their arsenal. Don’t be fooled, they can’t personally afford those clothes.
  • Group Birthday Dinners. Obviously the classy move is to split that tab 12 ways and pay for your main birthday betch despite you ordering barely anything… right?
  • BRUNCH. Enough said.

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