7 Health Trends You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On

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They say you can’t put a price on health, but compare the cost of Kombucha to a can of Coke and it’s clear that healthier usually means more expensive. I’m no mathematician but there’s definitely some formula in effect where the better something claims to be for you, the more it costs.

You could argue that many products labeled “healthy” are actually far from it — and I would agree. It’s no new news that the health industry’s regulations are a bit wishy washy (even vitamins come with a disclaimer) and it sometimes takes years before benefits are scientifically debunked. So how do we balance health consciousness and common sense? Start by skipping these seven pricey promises of wellbeing.


  1. Teatoxes

Taking selfies sipping “skinny tea” has become as Instagram-worthy as avocado toast and bowls of banana nicecream. But other than a few thirsty likes what does a teatox get you? Tiny Tea, a blend by teatox brand Your Tea, lists benefits like banishing bloat, reducing cellulite and slimming down.

Why You Should Skip It: The notion of drinking tea to shrink your midsection has been done — it just didn’t cost $35 for a 14-day supply. If you want to enter the world of diuretic teas go with grocery store finds instead (try Badia Natural Slimming Tea), which will get you similar results for just a few bucks.


  1. Juice Cleanses

Cold pressed juice has become the caviar of the produce section. Unlike its subpar counterparts, cold pressed juice is raw (which means it hasn’t been pasteurized) and the method in which the juice is extracted allows it to maintain all those good enzymes and nutrients. It also costs about four times as much as “regular” juice.

Why you should skip it: While drinking more juice isn’t going to hurt you (your bank account is another story), trying to lose weight on a juice cleanse is unrealistic. You’re likely to binge when it’s over and see lost pounds reappear. If you’re thinking about cleansing to change eating habits, consider that quitting caffeine or sugar is a lot easier when you’re not starving. Opt for a few days eating raw food instead or start simple and eliminate snacks and sweets. Cleaning up your current diet will be cheaper and more effective in the long run.


  1. Charcoal

If you can’t even when it comes to $10 cold pressed juices, this health trend will set you off for sure. Companies like Juice Generation are now adding charcoal to their ultra expensive beverages, claiming the negative charge in the burnt matter attracts toxins and detoxes your body.

Why You Should Skip It: Let’s say charcoal can detox your body. Do you know what also can? Your liver. A better solution would be to skip those daily happy hours and boozy Sunday brunches and let your body do its job. Making poor decisions and chasing them with charcoal is not worth the second job you’ll need to support this chalky habit.


  1. Clay

Who knew clay was the celebrity drink of choice? Lately more and more Hollywood starlets are touting drinking clay as a way to lose weight, aid digestion and flush out impurities.

Why You Should Skip It: Shady clay dealers may not be selling you the good stuff. Only certain types of clay are safe for human consumption and, if that’s not worry enough, some samples even showed high levels of lead and arsenic. The water is also muddy as to how frequently clay should actually be ingested, so keep your clay on your face and out of your body for now.


  1. Bulletproof Coffee

One cup of coffee mixed with a tablespoon of unsalted grass-fed butter and a tablespoon of MCT oil. This paleo potion coined Bulletproof Coffee is not only replacing the ol’ morning cup of joe but breakfast in its entirety.

Why You Should Skip It: Forget the fact that Upgraded Coffee costs $18.95 for 12 ounces… actually, don’t forget that. Spending that much on coffee is kind of insane but drinking a cup of saturated fat over eating breakfast? Well that’s just bananas. Instead of being bananas, eat a banana. Maybe with some yogurt and a little cereal sprinkled on top.


  1. Superfood Supplements

Superfood started as a term used to describe food so nutritious it clearly outranked other food. At one point there was a little reason behind this madness. Antioxidant packed berries and wild fish topped the lists, and I think most of us could agree these foods were good choices. But somewhere along the way, the line between food and superfood blurred, and the term now includes powders and supplements found in the vitamin aisle.

Why You Should Skip It: A lot of superfood supplements are marketed to balance and heal but these are the kind of benefits that don’t come with scientific studies. If you want to step up your smoothie game, look for protein powders with added vitamins and minerals instead.


  1. Protein Bars

Even after high priced, protein packed candy bars earned a bad rep, they're still center stage. In most grocery stores they even have their own aisle. They come in every flavor imaginable and have evolved, catering to those with restrictive diets like vegans. Some are even made with cricket flour.

Why You Should Skip It: If you’re still noshing on $3 protein bars the time to quit is now. Most aren’t more than a lazy man’s peanut butter sandwich yet cost three times as much. Take a good look at the calorie content and nutrition value and you’ll learn that a PB on whole wheat fairs pretty much the same.



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