April’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts for Millennials

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1. The Value of Fasting (from Anything). And How to Get Started. by Becoming Minimalist

“As I have matured in my life, I have begun to recognize additional value in the discipline of fasting. Moving beyond abstaining from food, I have also learned to appreciate the benefits of fasting from almost anything in moderation.”


2. Should You Retire Early if You Only Have Five Years to Live? by Root of Good

“You’ll probably think I’m crazy but I’m 48 and have incurable cancer and even though I qualify for long-term benefits income protection of 6 figures a year I am scared of retiring. I’m scared I’d decline and get depressed with no purpose.”


3. What A Year Long Clothes Buying Ban Taught Me About The Privilege Of Minimalism by Tread Lightly, Retire Early

“The more I didn’t shop, the less I wanted to shop. I hadn’t realized how much of a compulsory draw there was to these stores before I made a specific effort to counteract it.”


4. Why Walking is My Favorite Mode of Transportation by Mr. Free at 33

“It’s not just the costs of owning a car that I’m happy to be free of, though. While the savings are rather significant, I think the non-financial benefits of not owning a car are arguably just as considerable. Even if I had unlimited money, I wouldn’t want or own a car. I would instead continue to walk almost everywhere.”


5. Your saving rate: The most important number in personal finance by Get Rich Slowly

“Pull out your personal mission statement. Look at your goals. Your profit margin directly affects how quickly you’ll achieve these aims. A saving rate of 20% will allow you to reach your destination twice as quickly as a saving rate of 10%. And if you can save 40% or 60%, you’ll get there even quicker.”


6. Why Saving a $100,000 is HARD! by Montana Money Adventures 

“We have to learn how to have fun affordably. How can we enjoy our weekends with friends and NOT spend money? That takes some time to figure out.”


7. The 10 Pillars Of FI by ChooseFI

“Here are the 10 pillars of FI that can help lead you to financial freedom.”


8. Why The Best ROI On College May Be For Those Who Would Have Been Successful Anyway by Michael Kitces

“College is a good investment for good students, a mediocre investment for mediocre students, and a bad investment for bad students, who are especially prone to paying for some of college and then not even finishing (incurring the cost/debt but not even getting the signaling benefit of the degree). Beyond that, only the best students should pursue a Master’s degree, the field of study does matter, college prestige has a potentially surprisingly small impact, and the best investments are generally found at the top public university where an individual is eligible for in-state tuition.”


9. The $121,500 Guestroom by Humble Dollar

“One of the classic financial mistakes that people make (including me, apparently) is spending too much money, including buying too expensive a car and too large a house. Sometimes, something as simple as wanting a guestroom can lead to unintended and expensive consequences. If we didn’t have a guestroom, I would probably have an extra $121,500, a school year’s worth of food—and I wouldn’t be driving a ‘manny van.'”


10. Funding Retirement with the Bucket Approach by The Financial Journeyman

“The buckets approach is slightly more complex than a systematic drawdown strategy.  The main benefit is that it helps to keep the mind of the investor more at ease during all market conditions.  If managed correctly, the theory is that an investor will always feel secure because they always have 2 – 5 years of cash to fund the next few years of expenses.”


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