Best of the Personal Finance Blogs (6/23/17)

Hey y'all!! Hope your work week wasn't too tough and you have some great plans for the weekend. It has been super busy over here as we prepare for next week's Facebook Live with Simple and our friend Priya Malani of Stash Wealth.

You may have also seen that we entered The Start Something Challenge, which is a local pitch competition for small businesses. Those with the most views on their YouTube entries make it to the semi-finals so we could really use your support to get us there! If you've already taken the time to watch our 30-second video on why Dani started Invibed — THANK YOU! If you haven't yet, please click here and help us out 🙂

Okay, enough babble from us. On to J. Money's weekly blog roundup! This series is powered by Rockstar Finance aka the online museum of the best personal finance articles on the web. If you haven't already, go check them out!

Happy reading!

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J. Money's Best of the Blogs (6/23/17)


1. OMG… I Might Be a Cheap Ass by Apathy Ends

“One of my friends threw away a perfectly fine outdoor patio furniture cushion because it was dirty… I told him to throw it in the washing machine and see if that would work (it would, it was dirt that splashed up from the patio) and he glanced at it, said ‘Nahhhh, I am just going to toss it and get a new one. Don’t tell my wife.'”


2. 7 Ways to Come Up with New Business Ideas by Side Hustle Nation

“Aspiring entrepreneurs often get stuck in the business idea phase — that is, they’re confident they could run a killer business, make a ton of money, and live the good life — if they could only come up with the right idea.”


3. The Real Reason We Buy Stuff! by Budgets are Sexy

“Have you ever met anyone who buys stuff they hate? Who willingly goes out of their way to blow money just because they see someone else doing it? I haven’t, yet we’re always talking about these ‘Joneses' out there…”


4. Paying Cash for Our House is Only Half the Story by Montana Money Adventures

“I need and want less than the average person, because I need and want MUCH more than the average person.”


5. If You’re Not Enough Without It, You’ll Never Be Enough With It by The Micawber Principle

“A desire is a contract with ourselves to be unhappy until we get what we want. If we can limit our desires we can limit our unhappiness.”


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