Best of the Personal Finance Blogs (7/28/17)

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Every Friday, J. Money of Rockstar Finance rounds up some of his favorite personal finance articles from the blogs for us. If you've been looking for great personal finance blogs to follow or are interested in non-mainstream money articles, look no further. Rockstar Finance is the online museum of the best personal finance articles on the web, so they know what's good!


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J. Money's Best of the Blogs (7/28/17)


1. How I Found My “Why” Stuck On The Golden Gate Bridge by Ten to Million

“Living and working in San Francisco was one of my dreams and I nailed it. I just didn’t realize the toll it would take on my finances…”
2. If You Can Afford a Vacation, You Can Afford to Invest by Reaching Our Balance

“The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but unfortunately we often do only one at the expense of the other.”
3. Use Money to *Subtract* Things From Your Life, Not Add Them by The Biglaw Investor

“I’d say that’s the single greatest use of money and a guaranteed happiness return: use money to remove something you don’t like.”
4. True Life: I Was A Personal Finance Addict by The Holistic Wallet Project

“You may think that you can’t possibly overdose on personal finance, but when you spend most of your waking minutes obsessing over it, you kind of forget to live your life.”
5. I Don’t Have an Engagement Ring and I’m Not a Loser by The Luxe Strategist

“I felt cheated by the wedding industry. Nobody told me I could resist or question it. In fact, I didn’t even know that not having an engagement ring was an option.”


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