Best of the Personal Finance Blogs (11/13/17)

Every Monday, J. Money of Rockstar Finance rounds up some of his favorite personal finance articles from the blogs for us. If you've been looking for great personal finance blogs to follow or are interested in non-mainstream money articles, look no further. Rockstar Finance is the online museum of the best personal finance articles on the web, so they know what's good!

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1. Building a City of Dividend Stocks by Mr. All Things Money 

“I like to track my investments in a visually fun and appealing manner instead of just plain boring spreadsheets… It keeps me motivated and engaged while providing useful data about my investments.”


2. The Case of the Missing Bullet Holes by The Micawber Principle

“[Search] out the missing bullet holes and seeing what you can learn from them. They often tell the most interesting and useful part of the story.”


3. From Ugly Crying to Retiring 10 Years Later by Making Sense of Cents

“Saving is not the same as investing.  Saving is the act of putting money away for a rainy day.  Investing is putting money to work.”


4. How Is Your Personal Economy Doing? by Family Money Plan 

“24-hour financial news was like a money-nerd drug, the negativity kept dragging me back… Then someone said something that made me break away from it. ‘How’s your personal economy?'”


5. How I Survived Prison and Accidentally Found My Path to Wealth by Budgets are Sexy

“My goal is to save one reader’s life out there with this story about drugs, death, and the ten-year prison sentence I survived. This is the story of how I accidentally found my path to wealth.”


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