Best of the Personal Finance Blogs (11/20/17)

Every Monday, J. Money of Rockstar Finance rounds up some of his favorite personal finance articles from the blogs for us. If you've been looking for great personal finance blogs to follow or are interested in non-mainstream money articles, look no further. Rockstar Finance is the online museum of the best personal finance articles on the web, so they know what's good!

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1. This Week’s Money Horoscope by Len Penzo

“Neptune is rising which indicates that some family members have been mooching off you for a little too long now. Empower them by sharing all your financial wisdom. Then kick those teenagers out of the house and give them the independence they’ve been asking for.”


2. The Most Popular Financial Podcasts as Rated by 100+ Money Bloggers by Rockstar Finance

“The results of our 3rd Rockstar 360 Report – tracking and analyzing the best podcasts on money, per 140+ financial bloggers.”


3. Are You Unconsciously Spending on Likes Instead of Loves? by phroogal

“Spend too much on your likes, wants, and needs you won’t have enough for things you love.”


4. The Blue Zones of Longevity by Mr. Tako Escapes

“Researchers from National Geographic and the National Institute for Aging found five of these so-called ‘Blue Zones' – areas of the world where good health and longevity allow a much higher percentage of people to live well into their 90’s, and often into their 100’s.”


5. A Simple Way to Kickstart Your Savings Habits by Half Banked

When you’re sitting there staring at your “totally immovable” budget, take it one category at a time, and ask yourself: How could I cut just this one expense by 10%?”


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