Best of the Personal Finance Blogs (5/5/17)

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TGIF! It's Friday and that means another roundup of personal finance blogs from our friend J. Money of Rockstar Finance! Last week, we introduced the new series #BestOfTheBlogs, which will feature five of J. Money's favorite personal finance articles each week.

Finance blogs are a great place to find relatable content — and no one makes them easier to navigate than Rockstar Finance. We're so happy to have this new addition to Invibed and encourage you to check out their directory to find more awesome finance blogs to follow.


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J. Money's Best of the Blogs (5/5/17)


1. 6 Things You Don't Know About Money That Are Holding You Back by Jane Hwangbo

“Money is worthless by itself. Give it. Invest it. Save it for a rainy day if you don’t have that set aside yet… Money was meant to be exchanged.”


2. Your Personal Escrow: The Ultimate Budgeting Hack by The Holistic Wallet

“The point is that your personal budget absorbs the shock of a non-monthly expense seamlessly. No lost causes. No planning fails. No hopelessness.”


3. A Different Way of Looking at Spending by Budgets are Sexy 

“I’ve been trying something new lately where every time I have to spend money on something – whether a need or a want – I try to look at it as I’m ‘supporting' the place my money’s going to vs. ‘I'm spending my hard earned money' there.”


4. The $5,000 Question by Wall Street Playboys

“Would you rather work all day today and make $5,000 or would you rather work all day and generate $1 per day forever?”


5. How To Start Your Own Self-Insurance Company by The Micawber Principle

“If you are paying insurance companies to protect you from life’s small emergencies, you should stop immediately and start paying this “regret premium” to yourself.”


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