Best of the Personal Finance Blogs (7/7/17)

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Every Friday, J. Money of Rockstar Finance rounds up some of his favorite personal finance articles from the blogs for us. If you've been looking for great personal finance blogs to follow or are interested in non-mainstream money articles, look no further. Rockstar Finance is the online museum of the best personal finance articles on the web, so they know what's good!


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J. Money's Best of the Blogs (7/7/17) 


1. My Army of Loyal Henchmen by OthalaFehu

“They work for you 24/7. They never take Holidays off and they never complain about their jobs. Their only goal is make money for you. Here is how it works…”

2. The Awesomeness of Not Being Important by Think Save Retire

“I am that guy. I am the guy that when the $shit hits the fan, nobody’s calling me. I’m not important enough anymore. I’m just another cog in the wheel, slowly and meticulously getting $hit done. Saving hard. Stressing little. Doing my thing and then quitting for the day.”

3. What’s a Better Way To Be “Paid Dividends” Than To Actually Be Paid Dividends? by Mr. Free at 33

“My portfolio will send out over $11,000 in dividends this next year whether I save any more money or not. In fact, I could stop saving for the rest of my life, yet I’d still eventually become a millionaire.”

4. How to Make a Damn Decision by The Minimalists 

“Today is the best day of your life, because today is the day everything changes: Today is the day your shoulds turn into musts.Today is the day you decide to take action.”

5. Why I Quit Caring About My Credit Score by Holly Johnson via The Simple Dollar

“I would rather be debt-free than have a perfect credit score.”


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