Best of the Personal Finance Blogs (9/15/17)

Every Friday, J. Money of Rockstar Finance rounds up some of his favorite personal finance articles from the blogs for us. If you've been looking for great personal finance blogs to follow or are interested in non-mainstream money articles, look no further. Rockstar Finance is the online museum of the best personal finance articles on the web, so they know what's good!


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J. Money's Best of the Blogs (9/15/17)


1. An Interactive Guide to Financial Independence by Minafi

“This article is an experiment — a cross between a choose your own adventure book and a calculator while also being a guide to help you understand the numbers behind early retirement and financial independence.”
2. Do You Have a One-Pager? by Proud Money
“The one-pager is a one-page document that lists where your money is and where your debts are… Because when you have to run out of your house with just the clothes on your back, one of the first things you'll need to do is piece your financial life back together.”
3. The Optionality Trap by Neil Soni
“If you know you want something, the fastest way to get there is to chase it directly. Optionality is a backup tactic, not something to pursue first.”
4. Why College Isn’t a Waste of Time Despite What Some Famous Blogger Told You by Studenomics
“I’m tired of these articles that bash the idea of an education. College isn’t a waste of time. Not everyone will start a billion-dollar app.”
5. A Note on Surviving Debt, Domestic Abuse, and Suicidal Thoughts by The Holistic Wallet Project
“Debt is not the end of the story. Debt is not defeat. Debt can be resilience.”

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