Why I Bought the iPhone 7 After Apple Announced the iPhone 8 and X

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September 12, 2017 marked an important date. Apple held their much-anticipated keynote where they officially revealed the iPhone 8 and X, and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Normally I would have zero interest in this kind of thing but this event was different.

I've had the same phone since April 2014 (iPhone 5S) but just recently arrived in the land of no return. My storage capacity (a whooping 16 GB) hit capacity, no longer allowing me to update apps or take photos, and I could only talk on the phone using speaker or my headphones. It was *definitely* time for a new phone — so let's just say I was unusually excited about Apple's announcement.

But then the rumors were confirmed. The price of the iPhone X would start at $999.

What?!? Animojis look cool but no way could I wrap my head around paying more than $1k for a phone. So I figured, okay, no iPhone X. Maybe an iPhone 8.

But then I did something no one was expecting — even me. I bought the iPhone 7 after waiting almost a year for the iPhone 8. If you're interested why, here are my reasons.


iPhone 5s why i bought the iPhone 7 and not iPhone 8

My iPhone 5S, 3 Years Later, Living the Dream


The iPhone 8 Costs $200 More Than The iPhone 7 

Once the iPhone 8 was in play, the iPhone 7 dropped in price. I could pay $850 for a 256 GB iPhone 8 or $650 for a 128 GB iPhone 7. Personally, I think both price tags are totally crazy. When did phones become the same price as computers?

In 2014, I was able to renew my two-year contract with my phone carrier to become eligible for a phone upgrade. For those of you who don't remember the *better days* a “phone upgrade” was when your phone carrier would allow you to purchase a new phone at a discounted price for your continued loyalty. This upgrade allowed me to purchase the iPhone 5S for $199.

Trading in your old phone was also a lot more lucrative at that time. I was able to sell my iPhone 4 at the Apple Store for $199. When I combined my upgrade offer and the amount I received for selling my phone, I paid $11.94 for the iPhone 5s (receipt below).

Since I've never paid more than $100 for a phone in the past, I felt a lot more comfortable paying $650 for the iPhone 7 than $850 or more for one of the new models.


why i bought the iPhone 7 after apple announced the iPhone 8

Receipt from my iPhone 5s. Renewing my phone contract and trading in my old phone = only paying $11.94!


There's Not Really a Difference Between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

I tried really hard to find validation for paying the extra $200 for the iPhone 8. I studied the comparison charts of the available models looking for features that would get me really psyched.

I am human and I acknowledge it's a little crazy holding on to a 16GB phone for over a year, constantly deleting pictures to free up space, and then buying the model that has been available all along. I almost wanted to find a reason to spend the money on the 8, just to prove I was sane.

But I couldn't find any real difference! Definitely not one I was willing to pay $200 for anyways.


iPhone 7 snapchat filters

Perks of Having 128GB: App Updates and Unnecessary Snap Selfies


I Know What I Value

One big “money challenge” I've taken this year is to focus less on how much I spend and more on what I'm spending my money on. The reason I'm willing to even spend $650 on a phone is because I really do love iPhones — and Apple products in general!

In my opinion, my iPhone 5s gave me much more than the average phone would (I've seen friends go through multiple phones while my 5s has stayed strong). I value having an iPhone, but the latest and greatest version? Not so much. I'd rather put that money towards something else. Like my next vacay (which I will be able to take a lot more photos of now)!


key largo travel iPhone 5s

Celebrating My Birthday in Key Largo Earlier This Year


Sometimes Better is Good But Good is Best

My grandpa taught us a valuable lesson all tied up in one word, “Satisfaction.” There is always something else or something better — but that shouldn't matter to you! It's important to be okay with what you want and what you have, even if it is not the shiniest or most expensive thing. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X might be better, but I am totally satisfied with the iPhone 7. Sometimes better is good, but good is best!


What are your thoughts on the iPhone 8 and X? Did I miss something? Let me know what you think about my decision.


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