#BrokeUniversity First Day of Class: Budgeting 101 (Video)

I Did The MathWelcome to the first day of class!

BUDGET. I know, you're thinking ick, yuck, horrible, eww, worst word ever.

But budgeting is actually pretty sweet and it can help you live the dream.  I think financial blogger J. Money said it best when he decided to name his site BudgetsAreSexy.com (side note: this is one of my favorite personal finance blogs and definitely worth checking out).

In the next 90 seconds, we'll show you why using a quick example, and we'll give you an easy tip that will allow you to start budgeting today.

Got questions? Email us at questions@invibed.com and we'll get back to you!

Did you miss yesterday's orientation? Watch now and see what you missed! We believe there was mention of prizes…

Also, here's a more detailed breakdown of the coffee example from the video with actual dollar amounts.

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