#ButFirstFinance March Challenge

What does your morning routine look like?

Every weekday morning our Wealth Coaching® clients wake up to a text from us. We send them a short video that covers a must-know money topic – like why budgeting doesn’t work or how investing is different than gambling.

Before they get out of bed, most of them have already hit play.

By making these videos top priority in their morning routine, they learn something about finance before they have their coffee, get dressed, or commute to work.

That might seem crazy to you but that’s what commitment looks like.

There are a LOT of things that can get in the way of our goals. It’s our responsibility to stay focused and one of the best ways to do that is to commit to serious lifestyle changes.


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The Challenge

Trying to tackle your goals alone is not easy. That's why it is really important to surround yourself with a support system and have people in your life that can keep you accountable.

For that reason, we've created the #ButFirstFinance Challenge for both new and existing Wealth Coaching® clients!

This challenge will kick off on Monday, February 26th and end on Monday. March 26th. Everyone that participates will have the opportunity to set or revisit their financial goals – and make them top priority for the next four weeks!

We want this challenge to be as big as possible so new clients will be able to sign up for just $1 with promo code BUTFIRSTFINANCE. This code is only good through February 26th so if you don't sign up by Monday, you won't be able to participate in the challenge or get the discount.

To secure your spot, go to wealthcoaching.invibed.com, click ‘Get Started' and select our Wealth Coaching® program. You have two options: pay the full year up front (the better value) or monthly (more convenient). The promo code BUTFIRSTFINANCE will work for either payment plan and the discount is the same ($38 off).

At checkout, make sure you enter the promo code and click ‘Apply' to get the discount.


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The Community

We're excited to announce that we are also launching our first ever Facebook group! This group will be closed so that it stays a safe place for our clients to connect.

In *real life* it can sometimes be hard to find friends or family members that relate to your financial goals or money mindset. We also know that talking about money with people you know is not always the most comfortable conversation. But like we said before, accountability is key in reaching your financial goals.

Let this group serve as your support, motivation and sounding board for all things related to personal finance.

You can find the Double Comma Club® Facebook Group here. Click ‘Join Group' and as long as you're a Wealth Coaching® client, you'll be added within 24 hours.


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The Prizes

What's a challenge without prizes? If you're following us on Instagram, you already know we're having a monthly giveaway to help you achieve your 2018 goals. During the challenge, there will be MORE OF THAT plus the opportunity to win prizes based on your participation.

You'll get points when you complete different tasks like joining our Double Comma Club® Facebook Group, sharing your progress on social, and more. Click here to see all of the ways you can earn points during the challenge. (Pro Tip: there are links embedded in the point list so you can easily find our Twitter page, etc. just by clicking that task.)

When the challenge comes to an end on March 26th, the participants with the most points will win prizes that range from a free year of Wealth Coaching® to Starbucks gift cards (because #coffee).

To submit how many points you earned, email info@invibed.com with the subject “#ButFirstFinance Points” and include how many points you earned along with screenshots for proof of completion. Deadline to submit will be that Friday, March 30th, and winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 4th.


We're so excited to kick off this challenge and connect with all of you through the Double Comma Club® community!

– Dani + Korrie

Co-Founders, Invibed

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