December’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts for Millennials

Every month, J. Money of Rockstar Finance rounds up 10 must-read personal finance posts for millennials. If you're over the mainstream money articles but need help navigating the blogosphere, you're in the right spot. Rockstar Finance is the online museum of the best personal finance articles on the web, so they know what's good!


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1. The 401K Sundae by Apathy Ends

“Let’s not pretend we wouldn’t eat ice cream with hot fudge just because some whipped cream and a cherry were missing. That is how I want everyone to think of the employer match. Yes, it is free money that we should gladly take, but even without it, this is still a sweet fricken deal!”


2. How To Make Your Own Free Expense Tracking App by Waffles on Wednesday

“I’m basically going to walk you through how to build a super simple FREE mobile app to track expenses on your phone and drop them directly into a spreadsheet… You should be able to do this in about 30 minutes.”


3. 6 Step Money Discovery by Let's Automate Your Money

“Before you even begin to think about budgeting or tracking your money, you first have to do a Money Discovery. This post will guide you step-by-step through the process of doing a Money Discovery with the FREE spreadsheet included below.”


4. Your Chances of Becoming a Millionaire By Race, Age, and Education by Financial Samurai 

“Putting everything together, the Fed data says Asians have the highest odds of becoming millionaires, which I find odd since Asians are a minority that represents roughly 5% of the American population.”


5. The Original Dirtbag by Accidental Fire

“The definition of a dirtbag climber is a person with no job and no desire to get one who basically climbs all day, every day. They couch-surf at friends houses, they live in old cars, they camp in public parks, and they dumpster-dive. All to climb. They’re basically homeless people with a bad climbing habit.”


6. Man Work vs. Money Work by Finance Yo Self

“Think about how efficiently you trade your time and energy for money…. Compared to your job, does other income you earn take MORE or LESS time and energy per dollar?”


7. Made-Up Metrics by Exile Lifestyle

“A dollar is a dollar, however you earn it… neither gains nor loses a cent based on whether you acquired it by thrift or theft, by helping your fellow man or stealing his wallet.”


8. I Did It. I Invested In Death! by Gen Y Finance Guy

“It’s official: the Grim Reaper and I are now partners. However – let me be clear – we have agreed upon a firewall between our respective functions.”


9. How to Get a New Home Computer For Only $35 by Art of Being Cheap

“For the last six months, all of my home computing has been done on a $35 computer called the Raspberry Pi. My family and I have surfed the web, checked my email, written articles, run this website, done graphic design work, run accounting software, used spreadsheets too large for Google Drive to run, planned vacations, played games, done online classes, done homework, run four side businesses, and did my taxes.”


10. On Treating Yo’Self by The Give and Get

“What you do every day is so much more important to who you become than what you do once in a while.”


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