Does Fan Loyalty Really Pay?

rexWe admire the fans who continuously support losing teams year after year (yes, that means you, Jets and Mets fans). No one likes a fare-weather fan and it's actually kind of charming when someone is able to keep faith in a team that consistently flushes their season down the toilet. But constant disappointment isn't the only disadvantage when it comes to loving a loser–being a fan of a losing team means a total devaluation of ticket values. Case in point: the New York Jets. Tickets for this past Monday night's game went as low as $18 on StubHub, making it the cheapest ticket ever for a NFL game at MetLife stadium. That means fans who bought their tickets well in advance took over a 75% loss on the value of each ticket. On the other hand, if you're looking for a cheap date idea or early holiday present for that special someone–why not consider heading to MetLife later this month?

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