Most Entertaining Money Stories of the Week (7/20/17)

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Real Estate: Could Carrie Bradshaw really afford her NYC apartment?

As the city with the ninth highest-cost of living in the world, TV characters seem to be living in an alternate universe on shows like Sex and the City and Girls. You do what? And live where?

new study looks at the estimated income and average rent in certain NYC neighborhoods to see which characters could actually afford to live where they do.

The consensus? Almost everyone from Marnie to Kramer would be out of luck IRL.




Sports: Think a hotdog and beer at a stadium shouldn't cost as much as dinner at a four-star restaurant?

The Atlanta Falcons agree. At the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium opening August 26, their Fan First Menu will feature $5 Bud Lights and $3 nachos.

Owner Arthur Blank says the more affordable concession prices are in line with their goal of a better fan experience.

Because nothing tastes worse than paying $10 for a domestic beer.




Careers: Different income brackets don't just drive different cars and live in different sized houses. They also have different past-times.

New data shows how people spend their time based on income. While some activities are present across the board, some are more common among specific income groups.

Would you guess that running is more popular among individuals with higher incomes? Or that writing for personal enjoyment is void amongst the middle class?

Along with the curious findings are some more common notions. Like rich people really like racket sports.




Food: While many food delivery services are suffering, Amazon is like, “We got this.”

The online retailer is testing “Amazon Meal Kits” or pre-portioned ingredients and accompanying recipes not unlike Blue Apron and other recipe delivery services.

This offering is currently only available to select users, but if the reviews are for real, Meal Kits may be more than a trial in the future.

If you're thinking, “Does the world really need another one of these delivery services?” The answer is no, but with Whole Foods Amazon now has more points of distribution aka enough knives to cut out the competition.




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