February’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts for Millennials

Every month, Rockstar Finance rounds up 10 must-read personal finance posts for millennials. If you're over the mainstream money articles but need help navigating the blogosphere, you're in the right spot. Rockstar Finance is the online museum of the best personal finance articles on the web, so they know what's good!


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1. You’ve done everything “right” but you’re still worried about money. Why? by Alistair Clark

“Here’s someone who actually took action, implemented our personal finance advice, and is now in a great place with their finances. From the outside in, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about! And yet, we continue to get emails just like this from people worrying about their finances. What’s going on here? Why do we worry about money even though we’re doing everything right?”


2. It's Time to Quit by Montana Money Adventures

“This week is quitting time. Every year. I quit old dreams, old habits, old thoughts, old routines, old projects or hobbies. I quit relationships that no longer fit. Savings rates that aren’t meeting my goals. I quit a few things I love. Good things. It’s time to quit something. Free up a bit of time, energy, and money. Steal it back from stuff that isn’t your most important. And invest it. Pour it into the “wonderful, fulfilling, hard and scary” things.”


3. The Connection Between My Mental Health and My Debt by The $76k Project

“In short: when I look at my debt, my gut reaction is to think, “I messed up.” But on second glance, I see a long history of trying to cope. I see a survival strategy. That's why I am not shaming myself for any of this. I mean, I survived two decades of depression with no help. As long as that's the bottom line, does it matter what that entails? In debt or dead: I'll take the former.”


4. What a Pizza Cutter Taught Me About Frugality and Minimalism by Keep Thrifty

“Earlier this year, we experienced a culinary tragedy – our pizza cutter broke. Our initial reaction was to go out and buy a replacement, but we were in the middle of our Nothing New Year challenge so we held off. A few days passed, then a week, then a month. We hadn’t replaced the pizza cutter and somehow, amazingly, we were still surviving. We fill our homes with specialized items. Many specialized items are redundant. Redundancy is costly.”


5. My Husband Died at Age 34. Here are 40 Life Lessons I’ve Learn’t by Keisha Blair

“A sudden, unanticipated death has a way of jolting us to our senses. When you’re told that your husband is dead, everything changes in an instant. Life as you know it will never be the same. It can be reinvented, reshaped into something different — but it's never the same.”


6. The Best Money I've Ever Spent by The Luxe Strategist

“I’m all about saving money, but I also think money’s meant to be spent. My money philosophy is simple: as long as you’re meeting your financial goals, then you can do whatever you want with the rest. Even if it’s something ‘frivolous' like a $300 dinner.”


7. Ten Ways to Find Time for Your Side Hustle by ESI Money

“One of the key objections I often hear about starting a side hustle is ‘I don't have the time.' Several times throughout my life, even though I was very busy, I made the time to work on a side hustle to help us get where we wanted to be. So for those who would like a side hustle and think you just ‘don't have the time for it', I'm going to offer you ten ideas for finding that time.”


8. How to Take a Mini-Retirement And Love Your Life by Making Sense of Cents

“I just turned 35, and we are currently in our 5th mini-retirement. We have taken a few short ones (month long), some medium (6 months) and this one is going on two years now. Mini-Retirements might seem almost impossible, until you understand how to plan, prepare and execute them. After that, you'll be able to sprinkle them in every few years and just maybe grow your net worth in the process!”


9. When Frugality isn't Worth It by The Frugal Gene

“Frugality essentially means trying to live on less of the assigned allotment. It is the process of creating a conscious surplus from what you are given and rolling that surplus to your advantage down the line. Being frugal is one of the main pillars of wealth building because a dollar saved is worth more than a dollar earned (because taxes!). Unfortunately, frugality is not the quintessential element and solution for people outside of the six-figure income club.”


10. To Be Rich, Be Unpopular by Chris Reining

“Why aren’t more people becoming rich? It’s because living within your means is hugely unpopular. The social pressure to keep score with how fancy your car is, the number of carats in your ring, or the square feet of your house, is really powerful.”


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