First Date Ideas When You’re Broke

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Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t have to have a bag full of money if you want to take your sweetheart out (well, unless you are dating a money-sucking queen; in that case, you can only lament over the fact you are poor while Kanye raps Gold Digger in the background). Women fall for men who are thoughtful, respectful and organized rather than those who will snap their fingers at the waiter and order another portion of cooked lobster with alligator dressing and caviar dip. Ok, I’ve totally made this meal up, but you get the gist. The fact that your wallet is empty doesn’t mean you should call her up lying that you are sick, your auntie died or your dog has worms and needs to be taken to the vet ASAP. Rather, give the whole situation just a hint of creativity and spend one of the most amazing days with your date.

If you are, at this point, lacking imagination – here are just a few first date ideas that you can pull off when you're broke:


Go for a walk and ice-cream

A simple walk through the unexplored parts of your city with an ice-cream in your hand make for a perfect date! It's exciting to discover new parts of the town and make them “your own”. If you know anything about art and/or architecture, you can guide your date through the old buildings and explain their historical, architectural, and artistic value. If you don’t know anything about the buildings, that’s okay too. You can always express your fascination with what you are discovering, talk about what you’d love your future home to look like, discuss why you love this building and street better than the other one. If you guys gel, there’ll always be enough topics to talk about, even over (just) an ice-cream.


date ideas when broke



Plan a day of photography and a picnic

If you are into photography, take your camera and bring your date to some of your favorite spots to shoot. If they don't know how but want to learn, teach them! Let them shoot something and share some pointers. Or make it a team effort, and ask for a few suggestions of where to explore or what to shoot. You can also bring some food in your backpack and stop for a picnic in a particularly beautiful place. Sit, eat some food, relax, talk, and go through the photos you’ve taken together. It will be an amazing thing to do together.


Organize a game night

A game night is a good date idea for brand new couples or friends that have known each other for a while but feel it’s time they took things to the next level.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s just the two of you or your whole gang (although, it’s best to have more people there for a more exciting time) — a game night is a perfect date. Anything from word puzzles or video games to board games or cards can work. The idea is to make it a fun experience and see if there are sparks and whether or not you have good chemistry.


date ideas when broke



Take a trip to a free museum or gallery opening

One of the best first date tips is to indulge in shared interests, so if you're a new couple that enjoys art, go to a museum or gallery opening together! Most people don’t know that there's probably at least one free art gallery or museum nearby. Even if the exhibit isn't something you'd normally be interested in, give it a try. You may learn something new and your date may like it. Either way, there’ll be plenty to talk about.


Rent bikes and go for a ride

If you don't have your own bikes, you can rent them and go for a ride in the park or your along your city's paths. Create a flexible itinerary that includes a plan to stop for food and drinks or explore a popular attraction. Even locally, there are likely many places and things you've never had the opportunity to see. Sharing these places for the first time with your date will make the day even more memorable.


Well, there you go! With these date ideas, you'll barely spend anything and still have a great time. If you try any of these suggestions, or have more dates ideas for when you're broke, let me know!


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