Last Chance To Enter The #Outvibed Instagram Contest — Win $100 Cash (Multiple Winners)!

Remember that time you had multiple cases of rosé delivered to your Montauk share house for an epic pool party?  Or maybe you're the type of person who will order a fancy steak dinner from the take-out window (with dessert of course) on a Tuesday just because.  Perhaps splurging on travel, shoes, or tech gadgets (helloooo Black Friday) is more up your alley.

We all have that one thing (or many things) that we consider splurge-worthy.  You know you're spending more than you should be, but you get so much value out of the purchase that you do it anyway (#outvibed).

We want to know what you splurge on and we'll even pay some of you for it.  Just take a picture and enter the contest by posting it on Instagram (details below).  Winner gets $100 Visa Gift Card, which is basically cash…and we'll have multiple winners!

The contest ends on 12/15 at midnight PST, so be sure to enter by then!  

Here's a sample post from our Founder & CEO:

Totes don't care that these are a whopping $21 for a box of six…they are so good that I MUST buy them anytime I'm within a half mile radius of the store. #outvibed #guiltypleasure #macaroons #delicious

A photo posted by Dani Pascarella (@danipascarella) on


Here's what you need to do to enter:

1) Post a picture on Instagram showing your #outvibed moment

2) Follow our brand new Instagram account, @invibed_official

3) Tag @invibed_official in the picture

4) Hashtag – Use the hashtag #outvibed in your photo comment (witty/clever comments are MUCH appreciated)


Email if you have any questions!  Happy Instagramming!

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