5 Red Valentines Day Dresses Under $55

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Are you the kind of person that gets super excited for holidays? Is Valentines Day no exception? Then embrace that! While making smart money choices is important, so is spending those miscellaneous funds on the things that matter most. If those things include love, red Valentines Day dresses and chocolate — no judgement here. Just make sure you set a budget (knowing how much you can afford to spend before you start shopping is key) and look for something you're likely to wear more than once (that section in your closet of one hit wonders is sad enough as is).

Affordable and versatile, here are 5 of my favorite red Valentines Day dresses under $55.


1. Outstanding Features Red Midi Dress, $46


red valentines day dresses



This dress is not playing games. It's super snug, hot as hell and ready for a night of romance. While the front is not super revealing, the open back gives it a little something extra for date night. I also like that while this is a great V-Day dress, it's also a classic cut that can be worn to a cocktail party or even for a friend's bachelorette. Bonus: this LBD of red Valentines Day dresses prices out at just $46.


2. Lulus Exclusive Tip the Scallops Red Dress, $46


red valentines day dresses



Flirty and fun, this short skater-style dress features a fitted bodice and a full skirt. Feminine details like the scalloped neckline and twirling skirt make it a sweet selection for V-Day. When February comes to an end, pair it with flats for Sunday brunch or accessorize it with a floppy hat on your next beach vacation.


3. Shifting Dears Wine Red Long Sleeve Dress, $44


red valentines day dresses



The highlight of this dress is definitely the romantic, sheer, cold-shoulder sleeves. It's also a comfy, shift style — which means dessert is definitely happening. I don't know about you, but I'm not doing V-day without some chocolate. This breezy and beautiful, wine colored chiffon dress is pretty perfect as far as red Valentines day dresses go. If you're not big on burgundy, this style also comes in blush pink, magenta, and a few different florals.


4. Absolutely Astounding Red Bodycon Midi Dress, $36


red Valentines Day dresses



So simple but also so sexy. This understated dress features skinny straps and a stretchy, formfitting bodice that extends to the knee. It's a “make a statement without trying” look, which personally is why it's one of my favorite red Valentines Day dresses this year. Also not mad that it's only 36 bucks. You'll definitely get your dollar's worth with this one. Post V-Day you could easily dress this up or down depending on the occasion.


5. Va Va Voom Wine Red Backless Midi Dress, $46


red valentines day dresses



If winter is still alive and well where you live, some of the skimpier red Valentines Day dresses may be out of the question. This long sleeve midi dress however is totally doable. Conservative in the front, sultry in the back, you'll slay V-day cold weather and all. For its next run, keep this one on reserve for a fab function or save it for a holiday party later this year. The deep red wine color makes it the perfect piece to have around next fall.


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