How to Start a Blog and Afford a Life of Adventure

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Thanks to the wanderlusting powers of social media, you are constantly being fed photos from other adventurous, creative, bold and inspiring virtual stars who make it all look like a total dream, a dream you want to be living too… and why shouldn’t you? We are always receiving emails from our tribe members asking about how we started our blog (tactical tips at the bottom of this post), but instead of repeating the same Google-able steps, we’re gonna one up you. We don’t just want you to start any blog, we want you to start a blog that makes a difference!

Be bold, stand out from the endless sea of ever-growing bloggers, call upon your passions and curiosities and hit the ground running in your own unique direction!


1. Start where you are. 

We have to be honest, when we first decided to start a blog back in 2013 we had NO IDEA what we were doing or how we were going to get where we wanted to go (you can check out some of our first posts here and here for proof). We had NO IDEA what our niche or angle was, NO IDEA how to take the amazing photos we take now and NO IDEA how to make sense of all the potential that was stored up inside us.  All we knew was that we LOVED what other travel bloggers/vloggers were doing and so we were going to use that love as MOTIVATION (life’s too short for jealousy) to make it happen for ourselves too… all we had to do was START.


2. Know that the possibilities are endless when you start a blog.

There is no limit to how successful, outrageous or influential you can be when you start a blog. You just have to be willing and able to put forth the time and effort it takes to find your strongest voice and create a strong, organized, influential platform to share it on. (Check out our Pinterest board for some ESSENTIAL tips for how to start a blog or vlog here.)

Be honest, be positive, be essential, be you. This is how you will build that loyal attentive tribe that will help you manifest your dreams. It takes time, but with time and faith anything is possible.


start a blog mr and mrs adventure


3. Seek guidance from those you admire.

Like you are doing at this very moment! Learning from those who have paved the way before you makes their journey more meaningful and yours a bit smoother, win-win! We invested in Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging Course back in the day and are so glad we did (if you decide to sign up for Superstar Blogging please do so via our affiliate link here).

We are constantly referring back to the lessons and tips because we are constantly trying to grow and better ourselves and our blog + he always keeps it super up to date and relevant. While the internet is a wonderful and amazing resource, it can also be incredibly confusing and overwhelming at the same time. Joining a community will help cut through the clutter and keep you on the road to success.


4. Know what makes you come alive and seek to serve others through that passion.

Explore your past, recall some of your favorite memories, most meaningful hurdles, most unforgettable joys, recall all that has made you who you are today and envision where you see that taking you. YOU are what makes your blog different and your story is an important one. Seek to be honest and transparent. Give the world what it needs… a story, a blog that makes a difference.

We decided on our name one evening over dinner and when we realized it was available (fate), we snatched it up and began our slow, beautifully-organic, never-ending journey towards becoming Mr and Mrs Adventure. We aren’t only grateful for the lives our blog allows us to bless, but we’re grateful for how our blog has blessed our lives. As we have sought clarity and purpose for our blog we, in turn, have found it for ourselves.


5.  Inspire, listen to, connect with and SERVE your tribe. 

This refers not only to those who follow you, but to those you follow as well. If you always view the people who do the same thing as you as competition, you will never have community. Communicate, collaborate, learn, share and grow. The more people behind a movement, the more powerful the change. And remember, your vibe attracts your tribe!


start a blog mr and mrs adventure


6. Be conscious of your relationship with the internet/social media. 

As a blogger, the internet can be a huge time suck. Try not to get stuck in it. Do what you need to do to set yourself up for success, then set your boundaries and protect your real life, the one you don’t enjoy behind a screen.


7. Be conscious of your relationship with money. 

When executed properly, and as you continue to experience growth and success, creating an influential blog takes time and requires a bit of upkeep, aka $$. We have included a fun little video below with tips on how to save for your next adventure, whether it be creating a blog or planning your next great escape!


Read the original article on Mr. and Mrs. Adventure.


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