Wealth Coaching® Client Spotlight: Karin Loglisci

Name: Karin Loglisci

Client Since: August 2017

Location: New York

Job Title: Managing Principal & Creative Director

Website: creativetable.co and aperitifbrands.com


Hi Karin! Can you briefly walk us through your career path from college graduation to now?

Since I was a child, I always knew I wanted to do something with art. I always painted, drew and had projects going on. I attended Carnegie Mellon as a painting major. We were required to take graphic design courses and I discovered that I enjoyed designing and solving problems through design; I changed my major to Visual Communications.

After graduation landed a job in NYC at Siegel + Gale, a renowned branding and design agency. I started my career at S+G where I worked my way up to a senior designer. Five years later I was ready for a new challenge—I wanted to learn more about the business side of things. I attended Pratt’s graduate program in Design Management which was like getting an accelerated MBA and it was here my eyes opened to the importance of finance, budgets, and project planning.

Soon after, I received an offer to work at a design firm in London called Meta Design. I was hired as an account director and had the opportunity to work with many different clients all over Europe. This was the start of the Internet boom so it was an exciting time! I loved London so I continued to stay and work there for 10 years where I grew my career, ending up at Fitch Design where I was working on global branding projects that included environmental design. This opened my interests to branding and interiors and I attended a two-year course in interior design.

Today I own two businesses, CreativeTable and Aperitif Brands, which allow me to combine my skills and experience in brand strategy, graphic design, interior design and project management to offer a complete approach depending on what my clients need.


What made you take the leap from working at an agency to entrepreneurship?

When the market crashed in 2008, so did my job! Myself and several others at the firm I was working at were let go. I took this as a sign to “start a new chapter” so I moved home to New York. I had an old network of friends, family and colleagues in NY that I began tapping into and before I knew it, I was starting to get freelance projects. It was hard at first to manage an unsteady income and I was living back with family, but slowly I grew what has now become a business.


What has been your greatest career struggle and how did you overcome it?

The move back from London to New York after being away for 10 years was challenging and a struggle at first. I had very little money to come back with and I was also in culture shock. I had grown accustomed to a life in London and Europe and while my roots were from NYC, everything was different—the pace, the attitude, the work ethics, and NYC had changed a lot too. Like everything, it took some time and patience and I fell in love with NYC again and just kept networking to get projects and grow my business.


Karin Loglisci Wealth Coaching client spotlight

Sample of Karin's Work: Brand Identity and Visual Communications for Fig & Olive Restaurant Group


What is your favorite part of your current role?

Every day is different and I’m always meeting new people.


That's so exciting! What does an average day look like for you?

I try to have a routine (at least in the background!). I start the day as early as possible and at the same time each morning–I find this most important to gather my thoughts, plan my day, stretch, exercise (sometimes!), have my coffee time and then get into emails. By late morning into early evening I’m usually working on a project deadline unless I have calls to make or a meeting or event to attend. I try to spend one day per week doing marketing and social media, one day doing my finances, at least one day off (!) and the rest of the week is project work. This doesn’t always run smoothly but I try to organize the week and set goals.


What advice would you give to other creatives considering leaving their corporate job to freelance or start a business?

1. Definitely have finances set aside to cover you for three to six months or more and to cover business expenses. This is my one regret that I did not do and years later I’m building this now.
2. Get a good accountant but also really understand the tax laws and how to do your accounting so you understand what’s going on. In addition, set yourself up as an LLC or S Corp so you are protected.
3. Have patience and believe in yourself. Sometimes you are the only person to give yourself that pep talk! Every day is different and if you're down one day and you lost a client or the money didn’t come in, tomorrow is a new day. Working for yourself can be a rollercoaster but it also can be very rewarding.


Karin Loglisci wealth coaching client spotlight

Sample of Karin's Work: Brand Identity and Interior Design for République


Love that! Now let's dive into your Wealth Coaching® experience. Why did you initially decide to sign up with Invibed?

My income is often unpredictable and I felt the need to get outside advice about how to manage this and how to pay down some of my debt while growing what I have.


What is your favorite part about your Wealth Coaching® membership?

It can be scary to discuss finances and Dani and co have made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I’m also learning a lot more about finances and how to be more strategic.


What financial goal have you achieved since starting?

Like most people, I have some credit card debt and a grad school loan. I’m starting to pay these off for good.


invibed wealth coaching financial game plan

Sample of an Invibed Financial Game Plan


That's awesome! Are there any other financial goals you're currently working towards? 

Understanding and being in control of my finances.


If you’ve struggled with staying motivated along the way, what has helped you get back on course?

It helps to look at my Financial Game Plan, the full report that was prepared for me, to look at what I have, not only what I don’t have.


What would you tell others that are considering signing up for Wealth Coaching®?

Go for it, it’s worth it!


To learn more about Wealth Coaching®, visit wealthcoaching.invibed.com or schedule a free consultation.

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